The upcoming International Friendship Day celebrations will take place in April!

Details of our previous events can be found here.


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What is NE?

NE programmes are compulsory for all students including non-Singaporean citizens.

The four core events are commemorated annually, namely Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, and are organised by the college’s own Students’ National Education Council (SNEC).

Dialogues with senior civil servants and ministers are held on a regular basis to sensitize students to the rationale behind policies and to raise awareness of the realities facing Singapore and the considerations of policy makers in defending Singapore’s interests.

In addition, the SNEC organizes small group dialogue sessions and produces weekly infographics on current issues.

Students will also get a chance to go on learning journeys which range from visits to Singapore Discovery Center and Army Museum of Singapore to heritage trails.

More information is available here.